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It can be difficult to know which solution to choose for the best recovery. We guide you to the perfect choice.

Fast delivery and good advice

Follow-up email with advice and guidance. So far, I have used them for running and strength training and find that my legs are fresher than usual, allowing me to run and train more often than before.


At Optima Sport, we are dedicated to optimizing performance and recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts at all levels. Our mission is to make active recovery a key component of every training routine, so you can perform your best every time.

We understand the countless hours and effort you invest in your training, and we are here to ensure that you get the maximum benefit. Recovery is crucial - it's during this phase that your body rebuilds and strengthens, making it just as important as the training itself.

Our range, which started with the groundbreaking Recovery Boots, has now expanded to include a wide variety of products, all designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve faster recovery and reduce injury periods. We use the products we offer ourselves to ensure they meet the highest standards and truly make a difference.

With Optima Sport, you can expect:

  • Faster and more effective recovery after training.
  • Prevention of fatigue and heavy legs.
  • Reduction in the risk of injuries and shorter injury periods.
  • A wide selection of products that support your training and recovery process.

We are more than just a product - we are your partner in achieving optimal performance and faster recovery. Welcome to Optima Sport, where we help you optimize your sport.

After just one week with my recovery boots from Optima Sport, they have already had a noticeable effect. I've used them daily, especially before and after runs, and my legs feel significantly less restless after running. Had a good dialogue with Optima Sport before the purchase. Only recommendations from here :-)

Tommy, Runner 🏃

As a triathlete, I always had sore muscles the day after long training sessions, but that's a thing of the past now. I use them almost daily and now have fresh legs even after my first half Ironman - recommended for anyone who wants good/fresh legs every day, easy to use and great service when you have questions - recommended for everyone.

Michael, Triathlete 🏊🏼‍♂️🚴🏃

Fast and accurate delivery, follow-up in really good style. My son struggles with heavy legs, and here they have really helped. I use them myself after cycling training for recovery and sore muscles. World-class.

Jesper, Cycling 🚴


Optima Sport has a selection of Recovery Boots and other equipment that can be used to optimize your training.

Do you need help and advice? Contact our experts via email and we will guide you so you get the equipment that is right for you. You will not be disappointed when you shop with us. Happy shopping!


If you buy for more than 99€ we will deliver your package for free within the European union.


For countries orders below 100€ we charge a flat rate of 12€.

We are using Bring, Posti, DHL, and GLS. Depending on the destination.

Recovery Boots

Whether you are a top athlete or train a few days a week, you can benefit from using Optima Sports Recovery Boots. This means you can enjoy the boots whether you are training up for your first 1/2 marathon or you are a top-level athlete.

Recovery Boots will help you:

Save time on active recovery.

Train harder more often.

Avoid heavy legs the days after a hard training session.

Preventing or shortening injury time.

We have created this guide for choosing recovery boots (or pants). If you have any questions, you are of course always welcome to write to us.