Returning a product

Returning a product

Do you want to return a product? No problem! We are happy to accept your return as long as:

  • The item is purchased within 14 days (7-day trial period for Recovery Boots)
  • The product is sent in its original packaging
  • ALL plastic remains on the product and all plastic bags are sent back
  • The product looks brand new
  • You enclose your order number
  • You inform us about your return. Please use our e-mail:

Follow the instructions here

If you wish to return your order in whole or in part and you meet all of the above requirements, please follow these instructions:


1. Return label - buy a return label

You can purchase a return label for your package by contacting us at this e-mail:

We will send you a link where you can buy a return label

Also, remember to enclose your delivery note in the package.

2. Put the return label on the box

Put your return label on the original box so that the order is securely packed.

3. Hand over the package to the appropriate shipping agent

If you have purchased a return label through us, you must hand in the package to the appropriate shipping agent.

4. The package is now sent back to us

5. You get your money back

We credit the amount within 10 working days after we receive your package.

If a different product is desired, this can be ordered via our webshop as a new order, and we will send the new order as soon as possible.


If you have any questions about returns, you can read more in our Terms of Service or send an e-mail to (include your order number in the e-mail).