Recovery Boots with 12 chambers

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Recovery Boots with 12 chambers

2 products

Recovery Boots from Optima Sport are for you if you want quicker recovery and injury prevention.

If you are very physically active in your profession or in a sport, these Recovery Boots are an invaluable tool to get the best out of your body and your training.


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What is Recovery Boots and how can they help?

Recovery Boots from Optima Sport are for you if you want a quick recovery, general pain relief if you are injured, or if you have other problems associated with your legs. If you are physically active in connection with your profession or sport, these recovery boots are an indispensable tool for getting the best out of your body and thus also your training.


In addition to sports-related purposes, our recovery boots are also an effective remedy for health problems, such as:

  • Restless legs
  • Edema
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatic pain

If you are struggling with some of these challenges, recovery boots are a painless and easy way to improve them. You just have to put the boots on and choose your desired treatment. The rest is done by the machine and you can sit back and relax.


In practice, the recovery boots work in such a way that they use compression to force the venous fluid back and thus increase blood flow, which effectively relieves the muscles. Recovery Boots thus help your body get rid of the waste products and replace them with oxygen and nutrients, so you can quickly be ready again. In fact, it is said that a 20-minute treatment in recovery boots equates to up to 48 hours of passive recovery, which underscores that you get a significantly faster recovery process compared to the natural one.

What effect does the number of zones have?

You can choose between a desktop or a battery machine when you shop at Optima Sport.


The desktop machine
Our desktop machine has 6 different programs that you can easily adjust using the remote control.

These types of boots must be plugged in when in use, so you can only use them in places where you have access to electricity.

Boots or Pants?

Our 6 and 8-zone boots are available in both boots or pants.


The difference between these two is that the boots go to the groin, while the pants treat the glutes and hamstrings also. The zones are larger in the pants which means that you will not get as deep a massage here as in our boots. Pants can be a good choice if are doing a sport where you use your glutes and hamstrings a lot for example running or cycling.


If you decide that the boots are the right choice for you, you get the opportunity to choose between two sizes, while with the pants come in one size.

Desktop or battery

You can choose between a desktop or a battery machine when you shop at Optima Sport.


The desktop machine
Our desktop machine has 6 different programs that you can easily adjust using the remote control.

These types of boots must be plugged in when in use, so you can only use them in places where you have access to electricity.

Our transportable machine is our best recovery machine because this model has a better compressor compared to the stationary version.


This machine does also have 6 programs. Each program is selected on the machine itself or your phone if you use our app.


What is special about this machine is that it runs on a mobile battery, so you can always use your recovery boots on the go.


The battery can be easily charged from home and lasts for approx. 1,5 hours (depending on the program you use).


In addition, the device is about 25% lighter and smaller than the stationary version, so you do not have to feel confined by a heavy bag.

This is Included when you purchase a set of Recovery Boots

This is included in the package when you receive your Optima Sport Recovery Boots:

  • Digital controller
  • Recovery Boots or Recovery Pants
  • Hoses
  • Protectors for hoses
  • Bag
  • Remote control (desktop machine) or app (portable).

When purchasing our complete set of Recovery Boots, you receive a digital control unit that allows you to easily select your treatment. On the controller, you can choose which program you want, how long you want the treatment to last, how the pressure should be and much more.

You also get a smart travel bag so you can easily transport your compression boots.

All our models have optiflow, which means that all the chambers in your boots overlap. This ensures optimal treatment and that there are no "dead spots" between each chamber when the boots are inflated.

You can easily and comfortably control your treatment from the sofa with the included remote control (stationary model), or app (battery machine).

In addition, you have the option of switching the individual zones in the boots on and off in a boot. This makes it possible to get the treatment precisely to the areas that suit you.

This is particularly useful if you are injured and do not want to be treated in a specific area, or on the contrary and wish to focus on a particular area.

Optima Sport Recovery Boots are functional and easy to set up, so you can easily get started without having to fiddle with your equipment.

If the recovery boots get dirty, you don't have to worry about it because they can be easily wiped off with a wipe or cloth.

Recommended use

The use of our compression boots must be a comfortable experience and therefore it is important that you do not buckles in your body, which typically indicates that the pressure is too hard. How high the pressure should be depends on the purpose of the treatment and will vary greatly from person to person.

Whether you choose a low or a high pressure, do not worry as our recovery boots have a pressure sensor. How you choose to use the recovery boots is entirely up to you, but if you are in doubt, you can always read our recommendations. 


After training

After training, you can greatly benefit from lymphatic drainage, which you will find on program B on the stationary machine and program 2 on our battery machine. Here we recommend that you spend 20-30 minutes followed by 15-30 minutes of massage, which you will find on program A, C or D (program 1, 3 or 4 on the battery machine). With this treatment you will remove the swelling from your legs and finish with a massage to soften the muscles. The three massage options vary in intensity, with D as the most powerful program.



If you are undergoing rehabilitation, it is a good idea to reduce the intensity and get a lymph drainage treatment with a low pressure of approx. 30-150mmHg, which you can easily set on the controller. Simply by doing this for 5-10 minutes you shorten the rehabilitation period. If there is a special place you do not want to be massaged, simply turn off the associated chamber. We recommend that you always ask your physiotherapist how to best treat your injury.


Processing time

It is entirely up to you how long you want to get treatment with our recovery boots. If you just want a short treatment to help you relax your body, you can settle for a few minutes. If, on the other hand, you need an intense relief of your muscles, you can choose a program that lasts up to 90 minutes. If this is not enough, or if you want to repeat one of the shorter programs several times instead, you can also easily do it.


Treatment pressure

Treatment of swelling (Lymphedema): Program B / 2 => 20 - 240 mmHg

Treatment of fluid retention (Lymphatic drainage): Program B / 2 => 90 - 180 mmHg

Desire for hard muscle massage: Program A, C, D / 1, 3, 4 => 180 - 240 mmHg

Programs on the battery machine

Our battery machine has 6 programs. Below you will find an overview of the programs:

Program 1: Massage (one zone at a time).

Program 2: Lymphatic drainage.

Program 3: Pulsing massage.

Program 4: Full squeeze (full pressure in all chambers simultaneously).

Program 5: Intensiv lymphatic drainage.

Program 6: Intensiv pulsing massage.

Programs on the stationary machine

On that stationary machine you have as many as 6 programs to choose from. Thus, there is a program to suit your needs. Below is a brief description of the individual programs:


Program A: Massage in one zone at a time

Program B: Lymphatic drainage

Program C: Massage in two zone at a time

Program D: Full squeeze (full pressure in all chambers simultaneously)

Program E: Program B + C alternatively Program F: program A + C + D alternatively

Why shop at Optima Sport

At Optima Sport, we always strive to have happy customers who are satisfied with our service and products. That is why you always get a trial period of 7 days. The trial period starts from the date of receipt and allows you to find out if recovery boots are for you. If you find out within the 7 days that you still do not want to keep your recovery boots, simply send them back in original packaging, we will also send you your money back. Easy and quick.

If you need to give the Recovery Boots as a gift we can extend the extend the trial period so that the 7 days begins when the gift is given. Last but not least, you always get a 2-year rights to complain (for BTC customers) with us.