Comparison: Optima Sport vs Rapid Reboot

Are you looking for a set of recovery boots and are you in the process of evaluating which brand is best suited for you? In this guide we compare Optima Sport against Rapid Reboot

The answers to the points in the comparison are found on the product pages and in the manuals for each product and it is based on the technical specifications where the comparison is made with a desire to be as objective as possible.



Optima Sport Rapid Reboot
Number of programs 6 (stationary machine) 4 (battery machine) 4
Time (treatment length)
1-90 minutes 10-30
Number of zones 4, 6, 8 4
Overlaping chambers (optiflow)
Yes ?
Turn chambers on and off
Yes Yes
Zoone boost No No
Pressure level
30-240mmHg 20mmHg-200mmHg
Price level
From 499
From 887€ 
Bag included Yes Yes
Battery operated
Yes can be chosen No
Trial period
Yes No
Price guarantee
Yes Yes
Leg length
100 cm (K4), 110 cm og 125 cm
61 cm. or below, 61-69 cm, 69,76 cm, 76,84, 84 or over
Remote control
Yes (for stationary machines) No
Additional products
Arm, Pants, Shorts, Lumbar belt Arm, Lumbar
Vægt 3,9 (battery machine) to 5,1 kg (stationary machine) 6,35 kg


The clear differences

On several points, the two brands resemble each other. However, there are some areas that stand out. This is especially:

  • Programs
  • Treatment length
  • Number of chambers
  • Price
  • Leg length

Below I will briefly go into the points above.


Number of programs

All stationary machines from Optima Sport have 6 programs:

Program A: massage

Program B: lymphatic drainage

Program C: recovery

Program D: full squeeze (full pressure in all chambers simultaneously)

Program E: program B + C alternatively

 Program F: program A + C + D alternatively


Optima Sport battery machines have 4 programs:

Program A: massage (one zone at a time).

Program B: lymphatic drainage

Program C: Pulsing massage

Program D: full squeeze (full pressure in all chambers simultaneously)


Rapid Reboot has 4 programs.


Treatment length

At Rapid Reboot you have to choose at least 10 minutes of treatment, where you at Optima Sport can choose 1 minute treatment. At Optima Sport you can get a treatment of up to 90 minutes at a time, while you only can get 30 minutes at Rapid Reboot. This is, of course, individually, how much time you need.


Number of chambers

Optima Sport offers 3 kinds of boots with respectively, 4, 6 and 8 chambers. The number of chambers will influence the flexibility that can be achieved in the boots as each chamber can be turned on and off. At the same time, the pressure will feel a bit bigger the more chambers selected. Rapid Reboot has only 4 chambers.



The maximum pressure of Rapid Reboot is 200 mmHg. Optima Sport Recovery Boots has 40 mmHg more and have a maximum pressure of 240 mmHg. Rapid Reboot, on the other hand, has a lowest pressure of 20 mmHg, which is 10 lower than Optima Sports’s lowest pressure. However, it is of course quite individual how much pressure you need



The big difference between Optima Sport and Rapid Reboot is the price. Optima Sports cheapest version is almost half the price of Rapid Reboots Recovery Boots, where Optima Sports top model is also much cheaper than Rapid Reboot.


Leg length

At Optima Sport it is possible to choose between two sizes of Optima Sport Recovery Boots. This is 100 cm and 115 cm. At Rapid Reboot there are several sizes to choose. It is the following: 61cm or below, 61-69 cm, 69.76 cm, 76.84, 84 or above.