Features - Optima Sport Recovery Boots

We have 2 types of models you can choose from, a stationary model and a mobile. Our stationary model requires you to have an outlet nearby. Our battery-powered model, you can charge and bring along everywhere.

With both our models you get a control unit and a set of legs. The system uses compressed air to massage your legs, remove fluid and thereby provide faster recovery. By using our recovery boots you achieve comparable kneading and stretching of your muscles, as occurs during a massage.

Optima Sport Stationary


Optima Sport Battery


Full control

Digital controls which gives you full control over your recovery.


Programs with 4 (battery) to 6 (stationary) different functions.

Massage zones

Turn massage zones on and off, as it suits you.


Determine the intensity of your treatment yourself.

Find the program that suits you


Optima Sport Stationary Machine

programoversigt optima sport stationær maskiner

Optima Sport Battery Machine

programoversigt optima sport battery

Your Benefits

Remote control (Stationary)

Makes it easy and convenient for you to customize the treatment the way you want it.


Easy set-up, no excuse for not recovering before your next training.

Control each chambers

Turn zones on and off and obtain the optimal treatment wherever you need it.


Whether you have long or short legs, we will find the size that suits you.

Digital Controller

Gives you accurate and convenient control.

4, 6 or 8 zones

Legs with 4, 6 or 8 overlapping zones ensure optimal recovery.

2 year warranty (BTC)

No worries – We guarantee durability.

Intensity adjustment

Find the intensity that is right for you, with 30-240 mmhg.

Treatment length

Do you want a longer treatment after a hard workout? Choose treatments from 1-90 minutes.

Fast to get starte

Boots with zippers and integrated hoses, making it easy for you to get started quickly.


The 6 programs on our stationary unit as well as 4 programs on our battery version ensure you get the treatment you need.

Travel bag

Convenient travel bag you eg. can bring to the competitions or training camps.

The Recovery Boot

Optima Sport Recovery Boots cover your entire leg and ensures you are ready for your next workout. The boots can also help you to recover more quickly from an injury.

Quick connection. Tilslut et stik og du er klar til din behandling, desuden sikre lynlåsen i støvlerne at du kan komme hurtigt i dem.

4, 6 eller 8 overlappende massagezoner. Vores overlappende zoner sikre dig en fuldmassage uden overlap. Hver zone kan slås til og fra så du kan behandle særligt ømme steder eller undgå steder du er ikke ønsker massage på.

En størrelse der passer dig. 2 forskellige størrelser sikre at du får en støvle der sidder optimalt på dit ben.

I'll just use my foam-roller

Foam-rolling provides effective recovery, if you get it done when you arrive home tired after exercising. But it can be difficult to find the time to foam-roll for 30 minutes. With recovery boots, however, the system can handle everything for you, and you can have something to eat or watch some TV at the same time.

I think it’s too expensive

Recovery boots can feel like a big investment, but how much do you spend on other equipment? Your body is the most valuable tool in your sport, so take care of it. With us, you get them at one of the market’s most competitive prices, and if, contrary to expectations, you find the same product somewhere else, we will naturally match the price.

I am a little in doubt about whether it works

Many studies have shown that massage and compression provide shorter recovery times. A shorter recovery time can give you more quality in your workouts and thus better results. You can read about what science says about it here.

I am in doubt about whether they are suitable for me.

It can be difficult to know if a pair of recovery boots are suitable for you. That’s why we offer you a pair of boots to try out for free for 7 days. If it turns out that the boots are not suitable for you, simply send them back. Naturally, we will pay the freight and refund your money.

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